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Social and Cultural

As Brisbane Sikh Temple is the primary religious centre for the Brisbane Sikhs, it naturally becomes a regular meeting point for the community - hence it is evolving as cultural and social hub. Many local artists, musicians, language experts, and sports enthusiasts are part of the congregation and use the venue for culture discourses and cross pollination of ideas.

Punjabi Cultural Association

Punjabi cultural association is the premiere and most active cultural organisation in this domain. It regularly holds poetry reading sessions (three to four times a year) in the temple complex. This event is always well attended and provides platform to seasoned as well as young and enthusiast poets. Punjabi language classes for the youngsters are held evry Sunday at the Temple.

Punjabi Library

photo missing The temple hosts a well-resourced Library of Punjabi Literature. Recently, Punjabi Sath - an international organisation for the promotion of Punjabi language, recognised the strategic position and progressive direction of the Temple and donated hundreds of books to the library. Library is open on Sundays and enthusiasts borrow and return books regularly.

Sponsoring Sports and Sporting Carnivals

Health and wellbeing is essential part of Sikh way of life. In additional to traditional sorts such as soccer, there are many indigenous sports such as Kabaddi, that excites and interests Sikhs. There are many Punjabi sporting clubs for all ages on all levels - from local to national level. The devotees affiliate with these clubs on their own preferences, however the Temple regularly sponsors and supports the sporting carnivals and meets. The annual Sikh games is the peak sporting carnival that is held at national level Brisbane has hosted the event four times in the last twenty years.

Youth Camps

The Temple also holds and sponsors youth camps on regular basis to educate youth about Sikh religion, its progressive tenets, healthy living, and danger of drugs and tresses of modern living