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Brisbane, Australia, is home to numerous Sikh families, some settled around this area for generations. As the Sikh population grew, especially after 1950s, the enterprising community leaders and Sikh devotees established Gurdwaras (Sikh Temples) in the area to service the religious and socio-cultural needs of the Sikh population. The infrastructure for the Guru Nanak Sikh Temple (GNST) was established in 2010 by the Sikh Sangat to diversify the services and options available to swelling numbers of devotees. A group of dedicated and visionary persons bought a 6 acre land & building parcel in Inala, to transform it into a community oriented enterprise. An incorporated association called GURU NANAK SIKH TEMPLE (INALA) INC was registered in 2013 to formalise the administrative affairs. The Gurdwara is run by an independent management committee, elected under the constitution of the Association.

Objects of the Association

  • To promote teachings, philosophy, and message of the Sikh Gurus in Australia
  • To provide amenable place of Sikh worship in Brisbane
  • To promote the 'Devine Word'(Shabad or Naam) as revealed to humanity in Shri Guru Granth Sahib, by holding prayers, 'kirtan' and spiritual orations
  • To promote the visits of national and international scholars and sikh-musicians (Raagi Singhs) to expound the historic and modern Sikh thought
  • To facilitate the celebration of religious and cultura events of Sikh calendar, to observe and celebrate daily and weekly prayers, and to provide relevant religious services for family events and occasions
  • To liaise with like-minded bodies and institutions in Australia, especially in the mainstream community, to promote mutual understanding of faith, community harmony, and cultural exchange
  • To continue and promote the Sikh community-kitchen (langar) and use the facility to participate in the 'food for the needy' opportunities
  • To cater for the social and cultural needs of Brisbane Sikh community and to represent GNST in local cultural organisations and forums
  • To satisfy literary and artistic needs of the community by means such as, establishing a Library, arranging Sikh Classical music tuition, organising punjabi poetry sessions(kavidarbaar) and liaison with local and visiting artists
  • To meet the special needs of Sikh community such as Punjabi Language Classes, migrant needs and issues, and women's health initiatives
  • To promote the health and well-being of its members, devotees, and community at large by providing excercise and fitness facilities, healthy-eating education, participation in community sporting events, youth camps, family values and harmony programmes etc.
  • To participate in Australia-wide charitable, philanthropic and community service events and programmes such as blood donation, drug addiction education, fund raising to help natural disaster victims, help for persons with disabilities and social rehabilitation etc

Current Committe

President: Amarjit Singh Mahil
Vice President: Amarjit S Nagi
Treasurer: Jarnail S Bassi
Secretary: Harjinder S Randhawa
Committee Members: Kiran Vijai Deb
Committee Members: Tarsem S Sihota
Committee Members: Pritam S Jhaj
Committee Members: Gurdip S Malhotra
Committee Members: Harjinder S Bassi


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The office bearers endeavour to run organisational affairs as guided by its constitution and within the applicable laws of local, state and federal governments.
The membership is open to the public subject to conditions outlined in the the contitution and a membership fee (as set or revised by the management committee from time to time) applies.
Please note that the following is forbidden at Sikh place of worship: smoking, drinking or possesion of alcohal, meat products, possesion and taking of illicit drugs; therefore events, functions, meetings and gatherings involving any such activities are not permitted at Temple premises.
It is a condition of entry into the prayer hall that the devotees and visitors must remove their footwear and cover their heads. Please see our FAQ section for details.


The association holds member information for the sole purpose of members' participation in the running of the organisation and their enjoyment of facilities offered by it. We do not further disclose or on-sell this information for any other purpose. We take due care to keep this information safe; however we are unable to guarantee against the cyber crimes.


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