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Services and Facilities

The Guru Nanak Sikh Temple not only acts as a place of worship but also as a community hub. The social and cultural aspect of devotees' interaction is inseparable from their spiritual fulfilment.
The following services and facilities are catered for:

Religious and Spiritual Services at Gurdwara

photo missing Conducting Sikh religious services and sermons is the primary function of the Gurdwara. Singing of Sikh hymns composed in Indian classical modes (ragas) is embedded in the Sikh tradition of praying; and Gurdwara always facilitates this by professional singers (raagies). Although Sikh temple is open every day of the week, Sunday is the day for main public prayers. Any devotee can book to sponsor the Sunday service. We are also happy to arrange recitals of the Holy Guru Granth Sahib. Please see our contacts page for booking contacts for all the religious services.

Weddings and Special Family Events

No Sikh family event, wedding or birthday, is complete without the blessings of Almighty Waheguru. There are special protocols and traditions for events such as wedding. The Gurdwara provides professional religious performances for events such as Anand Karaj (Sikh rite to join a man and a woman in eternal bliss of matrimony) by the qualified priests - Gyanis. We have qualified Marriage Celebrants available, who will facilitate the procedures and paper-work so that the wedding ceremony is recognised in Australian Law. We are also there to provide and support and sympathies on the departing of souls; last rites and services are arranged with understanding and empathy.

Worships and Events at your Residence

It is a common Sikh tradition to seek blessings of Almighty Waheguru before starting in any enterprise, such house warming, or at various junctures of life. It is considered as a good omen and good fortune to have the Holy Book at one's residence of recital. We arrange such services as a routine and are happy to advise and facilitate this for you.

Cooking and Catering Facilities

photo missing The Gurdwara boasts professional cooking facilities, especially for punjabi-style of cooking. Many labour saving devices, such as dough kneader, rice steamer, industrial-style burners and fryers along with large vessels and pots are available. Cold rooms are available to keep provisions fresh and unspoilt. Hygienic practices are followed in the preparation, serving and cleaning. In Sikh religion it is gesture of humility to wash dishes; we facilitate and encourage this. All preparations are strictly vegetarian and free from any meat-products. The facility is for the sole purpose of food-preparation to be shared by the congregation at the temple (charitable events such as food for the poor excepted). Experienced volunteers are routinely rostered to help with meals preparation for your events and bookings. The offering and sharing of food free of any cost is a tradition of Sikh hospitality.

Health and Well Being

Sikhs believe that healthy body is essential for a healthy mind. The Gurdwara facilities are available for Gym and Exercise sessions by agreement and arrangement with the management. We also promote healthy life style choices of wholesome eating and mental relaxation.

Women's Special Interest Groups

photo missing Sikhs accord equal rights to the women and they take part in all formal and informal parts of the religious and administrative protocols and proceedings. Women's group meet on a nominated day of the week for the special recital of Sukhmani Sahib. Special seminars and events are also arranged to promote women's health and wellbeing.

Meetings and Seminars

Gurdwara facilities such as meeting rooms are available for any public welfare organisation to meetings etc. provided they abide by the terms and conditions.

Please see our contacts page for bookings and arrangements. We gratefully accept donations to cover the costs.